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Welcome to our new website
Blue Apple Marketing welcomes you to our new website and encourages you to review the content. Please call us with questions or visit our Products page to learn more about line of biodegradable/compostable lunch trays and biobased cutlery. read more ...

About Us

Partnering with schools to preserve our planet.

At Blue Apple, we care about our planet!  By manufacturing biodegradable/compostable lunch trays and earth friendly biobased cutlery, we are able to assist local schools in economically reducing their environmental impact. Together, we can provide a turnkey solution that not only protects the earth, but teaches our children to be wise custodians of its future.

Blue Apple is committed to providing environmentally friendly, biodegradable products that meet your school district’s needs while protecting the planet. By using our products, your school district will decrease the carbon footprint of the community you serve, save precious water resources, decrease the use of fossil fuels and make a tremendous impact on future landfill requirements. Working together, we can teach our children the value of dining green and preserving our planet for generations to come.